Aviation Consulting Business

Bespoke aviation advisory and consulting services 


Taking off to provide strategic advice for the aviation ecosystem

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AviaSD will provide specialised aviation consulting services to airlines, airports and aviation service provoders (Ground handlers, MRO’s) etc. which can be grouped across four verticals as below:



Focused on commercial aspects of aviation business – for the airlines for example -  improving yield and profitability. Customer management, journey experience,  customer insights, advanced analytics, customer contact and relationship  management etc.



Specialized aviation financial services like capex planning, financing, funding, financial management, aviation risk management, financial security, privatization, financial performance management, financial structures, debt restricting, audit, assurance, Mergers & Acquisitions, divestments etc.



Provide aviation operations consulting across a range of management consulting areas across ground handling, maintenance, aviation safety, training, compliance, cargo, technology, distribution, LCC marketing etc.



Enabling Aviation Transformation programs  like for example Digital Disruption for aviation entities in key markets. Enabling implementation of emerging technologies (Industry 4.0) across the aviation ecosystem.

A High Level Overview of the Aviation Consulting Business